About Us


Welcome to Chomp Snacks, where we bring the heat to your doorstep! Chomp Snacks is a labor of love from the passionate father-son duo behind Elijah's Xtreme Hot Sauce. With their successful hot sauce business already a fan-favorite, Elijah and Bret have embarked on a new, fiery journey to bring you the best of the world's spicy snacks, right to your doorstep.

Who We Are

Our story began when Elijah, at the tender age of 6, developed an insatiable love for hot peppers and hot sauces. Through years of perseverance, Elijah and his father, Bret, turned their passion into a thriving hot sauce business, with their products winning hearts (and taste buds) around the world. After trying countless spicy snacks from around the globe, the father-son team couldn't resist the idea of sharing these mouthwatering finds with fellow heat enthusiasts. And so, Chomp Snacks was born.

What We Bring To The Table

At Chomp Snacks, we're driven by our love for all things spicy and our desire to share the most delectable, fiery snacks we've discovered on our journey. We know that the thrill of spice is a universal language that transcends borders and unites people, and we aim to create a global community of spice lovers through our curated snack subscription box.